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Suggestions for a Term paper?

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Suggestions for a Term paper?

I need to write a laughably short 5-8 page term paper on the similarities and disimilarities of two figures in US history. Atm I'm not sure what would be interesting and make a good term paper. (not interested in doing Malcom X and MLK)I'm debating about using Thomas Paine v. someone...
Any suggestions would be appreciated and thanks for your time.

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You could do Paine vs. Franklin. Or perhaps Henry Patrick (or was it Patrick Henry...whoever wrote the whole "give me liberty or give me death" speech. I can't remember his name.) Or you could do paine v. someone who fought in the revolutionary war. Kinda like a journalist v. soldier perspective...

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My class is doing a Greatest American debate. And we have some interesting matches. For presidents, Thomas Jefferson is going against Herbert Hoover. For non-presidents, Edward R. Murrow is going against Harrison Ford. Maybe you could do Hamilton v. Gallatin (sp?) or Jefferson v. Madison.

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You could do Booker T Washington and WEB DuBois or you could do TR and FDR or MacArthur and Eisenhower or maybe like Henry Clay and William Jennings Bryan or Thomas Edison and Henry Ford or Lincoln and Jefferson Davis... there are a lot of possibilities... do something that sounds fun to you

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