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I need help with this essay.

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Joined: May 2006
I need help with this essay.

I need ideas for topics to write about. Thanks in advance.

Due Date: May 3/4, 2006


To write a research paper covering the years

For those years select three events which affected
United States history.
(can be a positive or negative effect)

One event must be social, one political and one technological.

Discuss the event itself and how it effected the United States


Typed, 12 font, double spaced, 1" borders
Cover page
Works cited page (MLA format)
Minimum two pages for each item selected
1/2 - 1 page for the introduction
1/2 - 1 page for the conclusion

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1. The protests againts the Vietnam War
2. Nixon's Scandal
3. Cars and new technology was being rapidly developed.


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Joined: May 2006

thank you:)

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tHaNk yOu sOoOoooooOoOo mUcH!!!!

cAnDy aNd eDwIn:o

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