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Confused Realationship( Trouble)

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Joined: Aug 2005
Confused Realationship( Trouble)

Will im goin out wit my boyfriend for a 1 year and 1 month now. He moved to Georgia a couple of months ago and he just came back a couple days after Christmas but when he was gone i started talking to this other guy that i really like but this boy is going through alot in in his life and i want to be there for him but its hard because we really like each other but i have a boyfriend that i fell in love with. Its really hard for me cause i have strong feeling for this guy i started talking to for about 5 months now.We were just friends but we started to really like alot about each other :) . I dont know what to do with this situation cause my boyfriend and this boy both kno each other. This boy knows i have a boyfriend but we cant help to stop that we both like each other.

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Joined: Aug 2005

1) I live in GA too...hurray.
2) Girl get on with your life...you have been with the first guy for more than a year...stay with him. If my gf had this going on behind my back...I'd be sooo mad...I mean flamin hot.

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Joined: Sep 2005

I sort of went through the same thing that you were going through. My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship and about 9 months ago he broke up with. A few months after we broke I started to date someone else and he got really jealous. So I broke up with the new guy (we really weren't that compatable so we both weren't really that into each other). So we then decided that we would try and get back together. Well a few months pass by and he then starts to say that he wants to see me in person again for us to get back together. This really pissed me off and since we weren't techniquely together, my friends found me somebody else, but it was right after I bought myself a plane ticket to go see my soon to be boyfriend again. Well me and the guy that my friends hooked me up got along pretty well, we had a lot of common interests and of course he was right close to home. Well to make this story short, I went to go see my ex boyfriend and it made me discover that I really do love him more than I did the other guy. So now I'm back with my boyfriend.

All I have to say is just think of which one really makes you happy and really makes you feel loved. Distance should never matter (trust me, I've been with my boyfriend from California, and I live in New York for 2 years now). If you really see yourself being happy with one more than the other just be with that person. You just have to follow your heart.

Feel free to IM me on AOL if you ever need some advise or just someone to talk to: Killer103b

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U should decide which one u like better, this new guy? or your boyfriend? U shouldn't continue to stay wit your boyfriend if u really don't want 2 and u have feelings for someone else. You'll jus be hurtin u and your boyfriend.

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Joined: Jul 2005

1. Get on with life. Decide which man you love. Then explain to the other.
2. You really should not like another guy behind your BF's back.
3. I would choose 1 year person. More understanding of the guy
4. The Boy with the problems....well try to support him

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Well, considering this was posted in JANUARY and that this girl hasn't even logged on since April, I'm gonna close the thread...

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