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Author's Thesis!!!

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Author's Thesis!!!

If anyone has a clue what an author's thesis is, please tell me. It is for an essay that I have to write. So please get back to me as soon as possible... :)

WesLee Massey

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Well, a thesis is an argument. So maybe what they are asking you to write about is the author's argument?

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Maybe it would be the main argument of the paper? Or the thesis statement of the article?

I'm really not sure.

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Joined: Mar 2005

Well, in the literary world, you hear thesis statement used alot. And yes, that's basically a sentence (or two or a paragraph if you're really good. But stick to one if you're not sure how good you are) that tells the reader what you're going to be writing about. However, once you get to higher level classes, you'll find that the word "thesis" becomes something bigger. A thesis is a paper and usually it's like a really big research paper that takes a long time to write. Like, when you're getting your masters or something, you're professors will tell you that you have an entire semester or a year to write your thesis and it's a research paper with more sources than you've ever used on a paper before (doesn't matter how many you think has been bad you think you've had it before...) and it's a major determining factor as to whether you get your degree or not.

Now, what you're teacher is asking about the author's thesis, I'm not sure what she wants. If you could type the entire question that might be very helpful in determining what they want...

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