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Hi I'm Shannon and I just found this site (most helpful!). I go to Ralston Valley High School in Colorado. I'm a Junior taking AP US History. I use to play viola, but I quit mostly because I didn't have time to devote to it and I wasn't learning anything in class (our teacher generally regarded the regular orchestra as lower than dirt and spent most of the time asnwering his phone or having sub's teach his class-par example, i learned a 5 page french speech during the course of one class period simply because we did nothing...needless to say I quit). Um anyway I'm done with the ramble. My passion is horses (dressage) and writing. I want to be an author. I love reading and debating with people on pretty much any issue. For the most part I regard my school as the walking advertisement for Abercrombie and Fitch and needless to say it doesn't have the most steller academic environment. Anyway that's it I guess

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Do you have your own horse, or do any type of riding aside from dressage? I mainly jump with my horse, but I do western and other stuff as well...

The hardest thing about riding horses is the ground
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