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new to the forum, but i've been using the site all weekend. my name is cariza, but some of my friends call me cat. it just depends on whether or not they decide to pay attention to those to call me by my real name. anyway, i'm a junior at Oxnard High and currently taking AP US His. along with AP Eng. but i'm not sure if i really want to stay in either class... the workload isn't something i really want to do.....which i really should be doing right now instead of typing this... yeah.. i'm gonna get to that, just 22 out of 107 terms to go and then 10 questions that confuse the **** out of me... *sigh* i'm staying up late tonight :(

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Welcome to the site! We hope that we can help you, I'm pretty sure we all know that AP classes take a lot of time. If you start feeling overwhelmed, feel free to ask for advice, either by posting a thread, or you contact me through aim or e-mail (I'm pianogirl2422 on aim, yahoo mail, and gmail). I'm always willing to take some time and help out with your homework.

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Hey welcome to course-notes! Get ahold of me if you need anything!

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