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weekly ap ush easy... help?

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weekly ap ush easy... help?

okay so the question/topic is.....

By 1750, the foundations for a new nation in North America had been laid.

Assess the validity of this statment concerning the following:
-The Great Awakening
-The French and Indian War

any help would be great!
being sick and trying to right an essay is not fun!

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The Great Awakening - new religious zeal uniting the colonies as a whole.

according to apstudent.net: "Puritanism had declined by the 1730s, and people were upset about the decline in religious piety. The Great Awakening was a sudden outbreak of religious fervor that swept through the colonies. One of the first events to unify the colonies."

The French Indian War - Part of the Seven Years' War in Europe. Britain and France fought for control of the Ohio Valley and Canada. The Algonquins, who feared British expansion into the Ohio Valley, allied with the French. The Mohawks also fought for the French while the rest of the Iroquois Nation allied with the British. The colonies fought under British commanders. Britain eventually won, and gained control of all of the remaining French possessions in Canada, as well as India. Spain, which had allied with France, ceeded Florida to Britain, but received Louisana in return.

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