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lost on a DBQ

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lost on a DBQ

can somebody please help me, i am so lost on what to do. the topic is:
"by the 1850's the constitution, originally framed as an instrument of national unity, had become a source of sectional discord and tension and ultimately contributed to the failure of the union."
i have no idea what to write about and my teacher is such a hard grader. please help me!

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Joined: Mar 2005

Consider this.

When the Constitution was originally formed, the issues of slavery was not discussed for fear of breaking the country before it began.

Now consider what one of the main debates of the 1850's was. :D

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Joined: Nov 2006

thanks im doing this one too

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Joined: Mar 2005

Glad to be of assistance.

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ahhh so this is what the question was to Jordan's essay. Got it. Wow, that's a crappy question by the way. I still don't see why they said the union failed. Not in the end! LOL that's what I'd put on my paper

"um. well, the last time I checked, the union didn't fail. so *sticks out tongue* in your face."

now, maybe if it said something like "that ultimately contributed to the civil war"...that would've made a lot more sense.

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