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FRQ - The Mexican War & sectional interests

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FRQ - The Mexican War & sectional interests

FRQ time. :eek: Fun stuff.

"To what extent did the debate about the Mexican War and its aftermath reflect the secional interests of New Englanders, Westerners, and Southerners in the period from 1845-1855?"

My thinking was that I talk about how the country in general wanted to acheive Manifest Destiny, the Southerners though also wanted to spread slavery throughout the new states, while Northerners didn't. Westerners were basically kind of just there, supporting both sides almost equally.

Good start? Am I even on the right track? What else could I add?


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I think you could specify that the westerners that wanted slavery were namely southern californians.

Otherwise, you're good I think.

Thanks for following the posting guidelines as well!

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but what debates is it talking about? i have to write this same essay and i have no idea how to do it because i don't know what debates it's talkign about. does that just mean general public interest?

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Hm...I definitly remember writing this one. I think I basically talked about Manifest Destiny. It sounds like you're on the right track.

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I can't find any specific things that involve the westerners. I got southerners with the annexation of Texas and the new englanders with the compromise of 1850, but i got nothing for westerners. Can anyone help, and fast because this essay is due on tuesday

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In my class, the debates were on this paper called The Mexican War-Was It in the National Interest? and was composed of Documents A-I. And at this time California was not yet a state and was the whole reason for the war because Polk wanted that land. The west wasn't really inhabited at this time.

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