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Anyone else like AP Euro? Funny Renaissance stories?

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Anyone else like AP Euro? Funny Renaissance stories?

I was glancing over the replies and I was mighty disheartened when I saw many speaking of liking AP US over it. I thought AP Euro was one of the most interesting classes I've ever taken. I mean come one, it's not everyday in AP US that you get to learn about Pope Alexander VI, his ballet of the chestnuts, his sexual escapades with his own illegitimate daughter, and so one. I mean this class entails everything from medieval punishments for women to the treatment of the mentally insane. Did anyone else research cures for the Black P{lague in their classes? I mean bloodletting and drinking a variety (don't research this if you are easily nauseated) of substances. Perhaps your teachers weren't as "These are the facts...that are interesting...sex and money" as mine, but please at least look at it on your own. The interesting stuff certainly helped me... I got a 5

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My AP Euro Teacher was great...I will never forget how she describe Luxembourg to us.."there's soem bread, and a bench and a park." LOL It was great! I loved that class!! I took it two years ago and I remember a lot about things. Have learned about Rasputin yet? My teacher told us the story of his death adn it was one of those cheesy Oscar performances. LOL Its such an entertaining class! She also told us about Russia and to get us to understand how they operate today, she told us of two different tour guides she had..Olga and I think Stephanie...Olga was communist and Stephanie was modern...it was just great. I loved that class...I did like AP USH better though...because I am a civil war buff.

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ehh i think ap euro has to much art involved for my taste =/ imma senior passedthe ap world and ap us test already and thought id take this one on. It's so boring to me!! i hate art =[

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