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Spring Break!!

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Spring Break!!

I'm on Spring Break this week!! That means intensive reviews and homework! I am also going to be cleaning out my room to get it ready to be packed up this summer when I move. Anybody else have Spring Break startng today? Or any Spring Break plans?

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I AM! I have to sing in two hours but after that I'm skipping my classes to pack and do stuff (You guys totally didn't hear that- I was totally there and awake and paying perfect attention). I do have to clean my room before I leave, but it's like 1/4 the size of my room at home- or at least my part- so it's no big deal. But I'm flying to to my grandparents' house for the weekend. It may not sound exciting, but this is the first vacation where I'll actually get to leave the house and do stuff I want and NEED to do. Which means ever so much shopping of course :D . But yeah, other than that I have like three tests the week after I come back that I have to study for, and a lab due during spring break, and oh so much homework to do- oh the mountains of it, at least it's all in five books- 2 are like reading books, and very thin thank goodness. But despite the work I'm sure I'll have fun and there will be a bed I don't have to climb up to, and real food to eat and people to cook it for me- such luxury lol.

Anyways, those are my plans :o

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I'll be working for GE while all my friends are going to cool places :( stupid co-op.... hahah

Last year spring break for me was awesome- went down to Daytona Beach and spent the week there. Definitely some great memories hahah

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Hehe- my spring break is just wrapping up- it was this last week. My teachers all decided to dump loads of work on me the week before, so I was actually pretty lucky and have very little homework, compaired to the amount I was afraid I'd get. As to my plans? I finally caught up on my sleep, for the first time since mid-Feburary, I think. Aside from sleeping I went to a hot springs for part of a day with my best friend- and that is about it. But it was sooo nice to just laze about...

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I was going to go to Panama City then hit up Daytona Beach with some friends of mine but didn't have the money. So I came home and am spending time with my family, got to see a couple of my best friends from high school, record a wedding, and saw 300 for the second time tonight.

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