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Please help ASAP!!!!

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Please help ASAP!!!!

What should I think about generally when writing a thesis statement?

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Generally, you should think about your opinion or position on the topic at hand. You should pretty much introduce the theme or topic of the paper in this statement...and it doesn't have to be one sentence, it can be your entire opening paragraph. Here is a website you may find helpful


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This is how my teacher taught us to do it:

1. Look at the prompt
ex: Analyze the author's style to convey her view on nature.

2. Develop questions.
ex: What elements of literature (diction, syntax, imagery, etc) does the author use? What are her views on nature?

3. Add why.
What elements of litature does the author use? Why? What are her views on nature? Why?

4. In your thesis, just answer the questions.

If you give a concrete example, it may be easier to help, but I understand that you just want general tips.

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