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Please Help...on Western Europe

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Please Help...on Western Europe

Please i need someone to give me some info on wut happened in western europe during 1750-1914, i have this stupid chart to do and i cant find anything in my textbook...Thanx in advance!

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well. imperialism for starters. the western european countries were the major sources of imperial powers during those centuries. the industrial revolution occurred during that time period as well.... Revolutions as well. French being one to note.

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Imperialism, Colonialism, Industrial Revolution, Race for Africa....

Some minor stuff, textile industry introduced. Expansion of capitalism, social darwinism emerged, famine in Ireland, anti-Semitism in Russia, end of Atlantic slave trade, Napoleonic Code, Adam Smith wrote the Wealth of nations (free market system, capitalism, laissez faire capitalism), Karl Marx-Communist Manifesto, and French Revolution, Napoleon. I think that's most of the stuff.

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