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any tips on taking the ap psych test? and are there any site that are helpful for reviewing? thanks

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I took it this year, so here goes:

-Get a study guide, it helps enormously.
-Use your study guide (I had lapses with this one).
-Use your study guide (Myers has a nice one)
-Set apart a small amount of time to study AS YOU LEARN, not just before tests.
-I found myself doing most of the work independent of the teacher, as is intended I think.
-Become friends with others in your class, and organize a small amount of time before tests to get together. (50 minute sessions, give or take, longer before the actual ap test)

-erm...well http://www.worthpublishers.com/myers/ find your edition and there's some flash cards and stuff.
-When your down (and exploring nature vs nurture), visit http://www.darwinawards.com/
I regret to say I cannot find the other websites I had used since a lot of my stuff was thrown out or lost after the test was done.

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