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help with "balancing competing interests" work sheet

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help with "balancing competing interests" work sheet

I have this worksheet that lists "fears" the american people had during the drafting of the constitution and you have to tell what the source of the fear was and what they did to calm the fear.

I'm stuck on

Fear of the people
Fear of weak central government
Fear of central government
Fear of unwritten word
Fear of other states
Fear of foreign powers (what they did to calm the fear)
Fear of losing individual rights

can annnyonne help me?

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Fear of the People- The upper class was worried of a mobocracy, where the "inexperienced and uneducated" majority would control the gov't and ruin it. Thus, they made things like the electoral college, which could throw out the common vote and choose whom they think is right to be pres. This was reinforced by the bloddy French Revolution.

Fear of weak cent gov't-After shay's Rebellion, the upper class was worried that w/o a strong central gov't, the lower classes could level out the economy and also take over.

Fear of cent. gov't-People thought that the central gov't would have too much power and take away their freedoms. In short, they were worried of the gov't becoming like Brtain's monarchy.

Unwritten word-In the elastic clause, it says that the gov't can stretch the Constitution for laws "neccessary and proper" to carry out its duties. Reublicans were worried that the gov't would use this clause to get a lot of power and take away the people's liberties.

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thank you.
this much.


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