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DBQ: American Society after american rev.

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DBQ: American Society after american rev.

To what extent did the American Revolution fundamentally change American society? In your answer, be sure to address the social, political, and economic effects of the Revolution in the period from 1775-1800.

Ok, so far i im thinking that socially, American morale was boasted, given that they defeated Britain obviously. Economically i think America was able to develope foreign trade relations due to the absence of the navigation laws. Obviously politically America wanted to give major rights to the states since they just rebelled from a "king" so they wanted a weak central government. I feel like im missing some important things.

Any takes on this? Are these valid points?

Thanks a lot

--> Kyle

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wow I just did the same essay like 2 weeks ago... if u need ne help don't hesitate in iming me @ ruby1989 on aim... I got a 100 on this essay :) I actually took a different standpoint regarding the question. Normally, students would go through the typical America becomes a superpower and is all gr8 and everything after the revolution since they separated from big bad oppressive Britain... instead, i simply said it affected america in general, but not necessarily in a positive manner- if u read up on bailey & kennedy for like these 4 chapters, it explains how America's economy actually weakens after the revolution considering the insufficient amount of currency and the feelings of other countries in response to the revolution (many countries refused 2 trade- britain started trading/selling things cheap 2 america, so the # of america's imports declined...) yea well i hope that helped... but again if u need ne help on this essay- i'd love 2 help :-D

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i have to do this essay tomorrow. are there things in there about slaves, women, education or native americans?

<>< amy

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Well, women still didn't get suffrage, and slavery was eliminated in the north.

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mine is kind of the same except the prompt is:
show the social, political, and economic aspects of the american revolution.
if anyone has an old essay with a thesis or anything i would REALLY appreciate it!

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i just got this essay and its soon any essay help would be good.


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What are you trying to prove there with that Karina? :P

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