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Help on Reforms and Culture Ch. 15 or 16!!!!!

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Help on Reforms and Culture Ch. 15 or 16!!!!!

Oh man, so heres the deal we have this project we have to do...we have to make a power point w/ 13 slides and 13 AP type questions we have to make up ourselves, so if anyone could help me out...i would REALLY appreciate it!!!!!

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15 or 16? Well... you can ask questions like...
The new proslavery arguement was designed as a defense against abolitionism. To what degree was it a means of fostering unity in the white population of the South?
Were southerners convinced by the "positive good" theory, or did they feel guilty about their ownership of slaves?
What constitutes a capitalist society? Was the Old South a feudal, precapitalist society, or was it part of the emerging nineteenth-century capitalist order?
How profitable was slavery?
How extensive was the interstate slave trade? What was the principal motive for the sale of slaves?
Was slavery the most important influence on the development of the antebellum South?
What was the relationship between slaveholders and nonslaveholders?
Did nonslaveholders value the institution of slavery? Was entry into the slaveowning ranks their ultimate goal?
Did the nonslaveholding majority compose a distinct class of people with clearly defined class interests, or did the existence of racial slavery inhibit the formation of class consciousness?
Slaveowning interests were grossly overrespresented in southern state legislatures. Did this imbalance result in the political and economic domination of nonslaveholders by the planter elite?
What was the relationship between the yeoman farmers and the land they cultivated? Was land ownership more important to them than the possession of slaves?
Were urban artisans, mechanics, and craftsmen a potential threat to southern unity on the eve of the Civil War? Did discord between social groups precipitate the movement toward secession?

Tell me if this helps. I hope so. :)

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lol i should have been more specific...but those questions are awesome. i need some questions for like, scientific/artistic achievements, literature, utopias, transcendentalism, and american historians of the 1800 time period.

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Okay... I did a 6 minute presentation on the literature part of the reform. Talk about TRANSCENDENTALISM. Very important piece of the chapter.
What new literary idea did Americans create in the 1930's? -- Transcendentalism
Who wrote "Leaves of Grass"? -- Walt Whitman
Name one author that did NOT believe in the goodness of human beings? -- Edgar Allen Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Melville
Name one female writer at the time. -- Luisa May Alcott, Emily Dickenson

What document expressed women's desire to be treated equally? -- The Declaration of Sentiments
What religion set a date as to when Jesus would return? -- Millerites
Who was Charles Finney? -- (I'm not that sure)

What did John Audobon do? -- Studied birds
Who wrote readers for students to read? -- McGuffey

If you need more, post again asking for some other questions.

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thanx so much for the questions they are exactly what im looking for....youve been an awesome help, and i owe you!!!

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