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AP world history,world civilizations, the global experience...4th edition

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AP world history,world civilizations, the global experience...4th edition

Well, I have a really big test on chapters 12-15 tomorrow, and I'm wondering if anyone can offer any websites that are good for reviewing AP World history content other than the book's website?
And if someone has taken the AP world history test...how bad is it? Is it really as difficult as they say? I don't have the best of teachers and it worries me...

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There is a website called schoolisland.com where your teachers can make up quizzes. My teacher said that if we do 3 we get +5 points on our test. Your teacher will have to give you a login code though to access it.

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I know exactly how you feel . We're using the same book in our AP World History class.....BORING!!!!

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Hey I took ap world last year and the ap test is hard as crap... I didn't pass it unfortunately. The hardest part about the ap test is all of the essays... so really work on your writing there will also be essays where you are given information and you have to relate it to the course which is much easier then the straight up essays. So study hard and never think that any little detail is unimportant because it could possibly be the most important one. So I wish you guys luck and keep your heads up cuz it's not getting any easier

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