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Jacksonian Democrat DBQ

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Jacksonian Democrat DBQ

Jacksonian Democrats view themselves as the gaurdians of the US Constitution polititcal democracy, individual liberty, and equality of economic oppertunity.

In light of the following documents and your knowledge of the 1820's and 30's, to what extent fo you agree with the jacksonian view of themselves?:eek:

Can somone pretty please help me with a thesis?

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Well, you sorta need to examine the documents carefully first and figure out that they're trying to talk about. If you can, try to remember what you learned about Jacksonian Democracy. Were they pushy or were they the pushovers? Did they stand for what they believed in or did they just let others take control? Did they boss others around or were they bossed? Questions like this can help to remember ouside information.

Once you find this, the thesis isn't really that hard, to be honest. The only thing that's hard to do is wording it. Everyone say the thesis is the hardest part. It's not true. Usually, the people know the thing pretty well, they just don't know how to word it. So just write down as much as you can figure out and analyze it and see what you have.

capitalization? who the heck came up with this horrible rule?!

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