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DBQ Essay

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DBQ Essay

I need help writing an essay any ideas its a DBQ the question is

In the early nineteenth century Americans sought to resolve thier political disputes through compromise yet by 1860 this no longer seemed possible Analyze the reasons for this change
I don't which side to choose! or how to start it. i need to have it by friday anyone want to help!;)

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Joined: Dec 2007

Hello can anybody help me i have no idea what i'm doing!

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I may be too late but here goes,
First: you aren't choosing a side
Second: use this acronym and jot down the info for each document
P: purpose
Third: Figure out which categories you can use that will use ALL of the documents
Fourth: When you write it state how each of the documents relate to the category, DO NOT COPY the document (the graders have it next to them!), explain how your category shows an answer to the question. ANSWER THE QUESTION
...I hope this helps!

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