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Joined: Nov 2005

I definetly think it would freak me out if someone pretended to propose/ask me out. I'm very into just going with the flow. Personally, I feel like significant others are found by accident: you just kind of get to know them and then it's like, "Wow I'm dating this person. Cool." However you decide to ask them out just make sure to be natural otherwise it just gets awkward. So, don't force it, get to know the person and eventually you'll be able to ask them out like your true self (cliche I know) instead of some person ur pretending to be.

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Joined: Mar 2005

Quote:I'm a dude, so therefore I am like all teenage men and am a horndog, a jerk, and totally oblivious to what a woman wants.

Hey, at least you admit to it Capt. Canada. That's more than most guys I know. (They're just in denial until their girlfriend gets mad and they have to ask "what did I do").

Oh, and I like your quote too.

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Totally do it in person...& like all the other girls, I agree that the whole shy thing is totally adorable...it works, I fell for it. Although I'm a complete wuss when it comes to this kinda stuff, you guys have the hard part. I made a pact w/ one of my friends that we would each ask someone to the turnabout dance this year, & I just can't see myself doing that...yeah yeah i'm spineless
Definitely avoid the pick-up lines for sure, that'll either get you slapped or kneed in the crotch.
I also agree w/ Capt Canada about all guys being the same...props on the quote too

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Well, although I'm a chic, most of my best friends are guys so it has been my "job" for the past 5 years to critque their pick-up lines...it has been interesting...some of my favorites (that I remember):
*(really concerned) Are you okay?__This is a long way down from heaven.
"Stop it! Can't you see she's sexy?!" rofl! (the Pink Panther!)
...okay, so I don't really remember them right now...
NEVER call a girl Your Woman...I broke up with my last boyfriend b/c he did that...
Yeah, most of us have figured out that teenage guys are horndogs, jerks, and oblivious....but haven't you noticed that it doesn't really stop us?? lol
In person is always better, but I think it is better to be alone than with a group of friends when you get asked out, I'd be afraid to tell a guy no in front of my friends (or in some cases, tell him yes...)

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I guy asked me out for prom, he is a senior but I will not go out with him. I am a junior and i just don't feel like going out with him. I don't even know him and i would hate to spoil his prom if i am not interested in having a great time with him at prom. How should i tell him that I don't want to go out with him.

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Joined: Dec 2007

just tell him your not feelin' it, you dont think itd be a good idea. you can still be nice about it, but im thinking you should also be mildly blunt.

btw---i disagree with capt. canada. Im a dude, im not gay, and im not a "jerk".
i actually genuinely care about girls feelings and what they have to say.

and before i get slammed----
i promise, im just a regular dude. not gay. not unattractive to girls. just a bit more considerate than a few dudes. thats it!

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