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About School attend..

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About School attend..

Is it matter if u have absent from school for manyday with excuse? to go to college? or doesnt really matter with excuse absent?

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Joined: Apr 2005

Well based on your English grammar, I'd say yeah its important to go to school. It may show up in your guidance counselor's and teachers recommendations for you to get into college and being absent means you're missing out on the class material. If you have a really good excuse, then that will be known but it better be really good if you're missing a lot of school. Being able to write well, with correct grammar, is pretty important and will be noticed in your college essay and in your application. So maybe if you missed out on that stuff in 2nd and 3rd grade, I'd say go back and relearn grammar.

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I'm not really sure of your question. Do you mean does high school attendance affect your chances at getting in college? That answer is no, as long as you have the grades.

If you mean does an absence after you in college? It varies from professor to professor. Some teachers set it up so if you miss x amount of classes you get dropped a letter grade until you fail, some just fail you, others don't care and let your grades do the talking.

Overall, I'd ask your professor for more specific details.

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