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AP Classes??

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AP Classes??

i am a jounior right now and in order to graduate we have to take 2 AP classes...i am in AP History right now and begining to make my schedual for next years classes and was wondering what other AP class would be a good one to take.. since we are a smaller school we don't have many to offer..but here are some to choose from..
AP English
AP Calculus
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Government
if u have any ideas on which one u thougt wern't extremely hard but will help me out in college the most...THANKS!:)

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AP English is a good one, as is AP Calc. As for what will help you out the most in college, it depends on what you're thinking of majoring in. If you want to do something in the sciences, I'd say go for Bio and Chem, but if you're going for Business, Calc. English is just good to get out of the way.


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AP Chemistry, AP Calc, AP Government are good ones because you would want to get chemistry out of the way, since it is required for your undergradute studies. It is also the same to AP Calc and AP Government.

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I'd say English is definitely good to get out of the way - no matter what you study, you're most likely going to be taking english. Even technology schools require it because no matter what you do, you're gonna have to know how to read and write good papers. And unless you're majoring in something like Art or maybe history or something like that, you're probably going to have to take calculus. So those two are good for the generals.

Biology and chemistry are nice to get out of the way if you're going into sciences. If you major in something chemistry related, you're going to need a biology class, and if you major in something biology you're going to need a chemistry class, and if you major in something physics you're going to need a chemistry class. And if you don't go into science...well, you still might need one anyways. many college require a mix of classes, so it's definitely possible. Granted, you can always take something like astronomy or geology if your college has those options instead if that's how you want to take care of those extra credits.

Government isn't hard (so I hear) and will take care of a social science elective. It's not really a requirement except some schools that require government and economics or you're going into a major in politics, history, etc. Really, it's probably not that hard in colleges, and can provide a nice break once you get into major classes - three classes of the same thing can wear you out - or you can use it later to fill out your schedule. Of course, you can always get it out of the way early too. It's really your choice here.

So that's my take on it - good luck with your classes and let us know if you need more help

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I believe AP Government is really easy. But, I dont know about the other ones.... I know AP Cal is really hard and so is AP Bio.

My advice is take the ones you are good at. For example, you are taking US Hist. AP right now, so take AP Govt. And if you like Biology or chemistry take which ever you are interested in

Its up to you!!!

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i'd say english and ap bio, but i dont recommend you take 2 ap bio and ap chem...i heard its so hard..

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AP English for definite. I'm in it now, and even though other people complain it really goes a long way. Depending on what English class and whether or not your teacher is good, that would be your best bet. I'm in English III AP and it has helped me develop my essay writing skills, so it beneits for US Hitsory AP, and any other course that requires critical reading, writing, &c. I'm taking AP Calc, Bio, Govt., & Art Hist. next year, so I can't really give you feedback on those. But I hear AP Gov. is easy and so is Calculus AB AP (not BC if you have that option). I also heard Chem. and Physics were hard as hella! But I agree with Nenny, take something you think or know you'll enjoy.

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