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School . . . Please help

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Joined: Aug 2007
School . . . Please help

Ok so here my prob,
1) I have German 3 (3 years of it)
2) Ap Bio (1/4 Ap Classes taken this Year)
3) World Humanities : AFAM studies
4) Social life
5) Hockey team. Our team is in 1st, off to state champ in a week

I have all my time filled up, and yet i also only get like 3-6 hrs a sleep a night. I cant stay awake in any of my classes. It seems the more i try and stay away, the faster i fall asleep. Does any one know how i can stay awake in classes? Any hints and such?

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Joined: Feb 2007

Wow. I'm not the only person here who takes German! Awesome. Okay, sorry, bit random. I have a hard time staying awake sometimes too, due to my off the wall sleeping habits (aka stay awake until the homework is done and up at 5:15). What I've found works is if you have something small to eat between classes when your normally crash, but not sugar products. I personally love Oatmeal to Go or Pop Tarts. I have boxes of 'em in my locker. Also, say hydrated. Sounds weird, but it does help keep you on your toes. Water or tea is a great thing to have, if you can. Also, if you feel yourself slipping off into dream land, try to pull yourself out of it by shifting your weight in your chair or start drawing. Sounds weird, but, hey, it helps me. Like in English, we're doing poetry, and when I feel myself slipping off, I try to move a bit and I start drawing whatever my teacher is talking about in the margins of my notebook.

Do you ever have work days in any of your classes? If you do, see if you can take a quick power nap (like 20 min.). They do help. And if you get really desperate, you can always try coffee, but I would say use that only if you have to, as it is addictive (I know...I'm guilty of being addicted to it :) ) Hope this helps!


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Joined: Aug 2007

ok thanks i will try thoes. And i also am a victem of coffee. Any body elce have ne tips?

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Joined: Oct 2007

I know..its so hard to stay awake in class..i recommend you have more time for sleep. Human must have sleep more than 8 hours in a day..(i read a book and it says..) so get some sleep, if you cant find out in this way.. then get a energy drink or get a couple coffee or stand up in class( ask teacher before..)
i usually dont sit, just stand up in class and it actually works..some kids think its good idea and other kids think im werid or something but try it!

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If you can consistently get say 6 hours a night, I think you'd be able to stay awake better. The variations would hurt you the most, because 2 hours one night requires more sleep the next night, and who knows what can happen the next night. Lack of sleep adds up over time, and unless you compensate those hours somehow, you'll feel sleepy in class.

Try sleeping when you get home, and doing work in the morning.

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i am in the same place you are...
i have 1 ap class and 3 honors and dance for 2 different teams so it's hard to stay awake
try to take like an hour nap after school
also try to do some homework at lunch so you can save some time to rest at home

good luck with your hockey!!

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