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Help for next year! Anyone?

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Joined: Dec 2007
Help for next year! Anyone?

Next year I'll be a junior and I need advice for what to take, AP-wise.

I also do sports and an instrument, if that infulences it at all.

I'm thinking about...

I'll also be taking Honors...
-English 11

-Advanced orchestra
-Spanish 4
-possible others...?

Am I committing academic suicide if I do all of these?
I already do all Honors and two APs (it was all I was allowed to take).
I just need help!!!

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Joined: Feb 2007

I'd say it depends on how organized you are, and how well you manage your time. It might be hard to stay on top of all these classes and do a sport. It also depends on how much you're willing to give up. Chances are, your weekends will be full of homework and studying. But if you think that you are organized enough, then I'd say go ahead and try it.


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Joined: Mar 2007

Taking five AP classes is very different from taking two. If you really want to take those AP classes than I would advise you to drop the honor courses of the same area: for example if you are taking AP lang, drop English 11 Honors. There really is no point in taking two classes of the same area (unless they are science courses). Plus if you want to take five AP classes, be ready to sacrifice most of your time and weekend time to homework and studying. You also have to significantly diminish your club commitment hours esp since you do a sport. Also your total practice time for your instrument will drop dramatically. So either sacrifice all this or you drop a couple of your AP class choice.


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Joined: Jul 2006

Five APs junior year with everything that your doing is definitley suicide... Remember your going to have to study for those SATs, ACTs, SAT 2's.. etc.. and if your grade drops junior year that's the last year your going to have a chance to increase your rank and GPA.. and remember some colleges don't even accept AP credits so you have to think wether all that work is worth it or not.. I took 3 aps my junior year and had to juggle work , being the president of three super active clubs and being an active member at my church and cultural community, I'll say by the end of the year, I was defintly burned out although I surpisingly did ok on all my ap classes... my advice would be to wait till senior year to take so many aps..remember to have a life out of school

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Joined: Oct 2007

You are taking all in one year?! I would not take trig and precalc in one year. I would suggest taking AP Calc unless you are bad at math and logic. I f you are good at algebra, and remember MOST of it, take Calc. I personally wouldn't take that many. AP classes are stressful. However, my school doesn't offer all of those AP classes, especially not for Juniors. If you do manage to take all of those and get good grades, you are a shoo-in for basically any college. I can only offer advice on AP calc and AP US Hist. I HATE APUSH!! It is ridiculuous. DBQ's are pointless. If you like writing and BS'ing papers, take it. If you don't like writing pointless papers, I wouldn't. You seem to have a rigorous enough schedule that no college is gonna care if you don't take one or two AP classes. Hope I helped. Good Luck.

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Joined: Oct 2007

Oh I forgot to give one piece of advice. Remember that you have a bare minimum of five years left. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT! burn yourself out now. I am starting to burn myself out. I found out that my teacher was getting test questions online and I got the answers instead of reading. Now I am screwed for finals for this grading period. I am currently reading for APUSH and I want to throw my book out the window. I am tired of it. You need some time to relax. If you do take all of these, at least take one throw away class or be a student aid for a teacher. It gives you a break for a little bit. I dropped engineering cause I hated it and the kids were @$$-holes. Now I am a student aid for 1.5 hours right before calc and APUSH. It really helps.

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Joined: Jul 2006

imtherooster713;72189 wrote:Oh I forgot to give one piece of advice. Remember that you have a bare minimum of five years left. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT! burn yourself out now. I am starting to burn myself out. I found out that my teacher was getting test questions online and I got the answers instead of reading. Now I am screwed for finals for this grading period. .

That is soo true!! I worked my behind off last year for 3 aps - I was top of the classes but had abs no life.. so this year I took on five aps but now its march and I'm totally burned out! I don't even plan on studying for some of my ap tests... and all I do is B.S most of my ap work now.. I havn't even taken notes in any of my ap classes:D except maybe calc lolz I've been looking up essays online and stuff:rolleyes: -- it really is horrible I feel like there was no point of taking AP classes in the first place..I think I've officially hit senioritis 2008...:cool:

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Joined: Nov 2007

Is it even possible to take ALL those classes in one year?? Just the first AP classes will be suicide, especially if you're like my friends- ALL A's!!
Good luck, you really need to reconsider.

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Joined: Feb 2008

well if your a junior dont you also have to get ready to apply for colleges and work on SATs and ACTs? seriously....taking that many ap classes would kill you with stress i would think. plus you said you play an instrument and sports? i mean...sports ..your going to have a competition or meet every week and from my experience they usually last a long time. i wouldn't take so much...if it was me...but its ur choice

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Don't take classes just because they look good. Take classes you're actually interested in. Trust me. When mid-year rolls around, you'll be glad you decided to take stuff you want to take instead of slaving for a class you cannot stand. Or start out by taking all of them, and then dropping whatever just doesn't work for you.

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Joined: Mar 2008

I know a person in my school who is taking all AP classes this year. APUSH, AP BC Calculus, AP English, AP Spanish, and AP Psychology. Regardless, not only is he able to handle the workload, but he is succeeding at the top of all his AP classes.

However, whatever the case, I really do not think taking five APs is a wise choice. Even if you ARE CAPABLE of handling the workload, is it worth all that time? Ponder to yourself, is this going to be a wise investment?

You're only going to be in highschool for probably another two years. You want to be able to enjoy life a little bit, so taking upon that burden might not be the best thing to do.

I'm taking three APs at the moment. Work is manageable, but sometimes I admit that I don't sleep. Trust me, you do NOT want to end up losing hours of sleep. This will only result in a downward spiral of your grades.

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