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How do I study for APUSH class exams/quizes

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How do I study for APUSH class exams/quizes

Well, I am new to the whole forum thing here at Course-notes. I have a experienced in my APUSH class that during exams there have been people who have not read any of the chapters and still do better than me. In my class my teacher sets up each (multiple choice) exam to be consisting of 2 of the previous chapters. He takes questions from practice books for APUSH and puts them in the test. I am wondering how I should study for these test and what factors could be depriving me of my higher grade? My teacher gives us individual chapter oral reading quizzes. Then he makes the exams based on the last 2 chapters. Usually he gives about 2-4 days to read the chapter and finish a study guide w/vocab and short answer questions and take the oral quiz. Luckily and possibly unfortunately, I have this class after lunch. Should I eat before the quizzes/exams and what should I be doing to prepare for the quizzes/exams at lunch if or if not at all?

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I must say, no matter what people say about cram sessions and how they arent effective, they are wrong!
skim over the chapter(s) at lunch and refresh your memory.
and YES you need to eat lunch.

i have the class right now and its the same for me.

so good luck!:D

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Know the big picture. Don't cram in the itty gritty details if you don't have the time. But you need to know the big picture, know why things happened the way it did. Cause and effect.

For example the teacher can ask a really hard problem about who is Oliver Howard. Well, using waht you know..you can narrow the choices down dramatically.... (Union General who ran the Freedman Burea)

A lot of it is know how to guess. Another part is to know what's important and what is not. And lastly, know to connect things..it not only help you remember things better...but more understanding of the why? Also, AP emphasis on the ability to know cause and effect..and if it's a AP course..your teacher might emphasis that too

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sometimes in my apush class the test do not match the book at all: like i read the chapterss but when the test come maybe the questions where phrased diffferentlyy idk how to study for these thingss !!

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