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Which AP classes are useful to take?

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Which AP classes are useful to take?

Which AP classes are useful to take? Which AP Class is easier to take in high school than in College? Which AP class do u recommend?

Art History
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Chinese Language and Culture
Computer Science A
Computer Science AB
English Language
English Literature
Environmental Science
European History
French Language
French Literature
German Language
Comp Government & Politics
U.S. Government & Politics
Human Geography
Italian Language and Culture
Japanese Language and Culture
Latin Literature
Latin: Vergil
Music Theory
Physics B
Physics C
Spanish Language
Spanish Literature
Studio Art
U.S. History
World History

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Any of them can be useful. Just look for whatever you need to get enough credits or that you're interested in.
And obviously you would only take the language ones for the language you're studying (if any). like, you can't take italian, french, spanish, japanese, latin, german, and chinese all at the same time unless you're not taking any other subject, so you don't have to worry about that.

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I pretty much agree with Nyumcha. Try to choose things that you like or that you might want to continue in college. (ie if you're going to go to major in politics, do something like comparative gov.)

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