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How do you view the UN?

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Joined: Oct 2005
How do you view the UN?

My class has been assigned a three page oral report on any topic which is relevant today.
I have decided on investigating the UN:

Does it help or hinder the US?
What benefits has it given Americans?
Has it been successful in its original purpose? Etc.

Feel free to express your opinions on this topic and these questions.
Also suggest key points of interest or raise some of your own concerns.

I think this will be beneficial for all. Thanks for participating. -DJ

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Joined: Mar 2008

Well, In my opinion, The UN is a good idea, in principle. Founded out of the ashes of WWII (one could argue WWI with the League of Nations) it has, for the most part, helped to prevent major world conflicts.

Unfortunately, It seems to be a major hindrance on our country. The UN increasingly wants to influence our domestic environmental, trade, labor, tax, and gun laws. And not to mention our foreign policy. A war waged with out UN approval is political suicide. The idea of getting UN approval for military actions is in theory a good one. It should create world wide peace. But unfortunately, that isn't happening.

We see things like the UN's unwillingness to act in Darfur because of China and Russia's oil dealings in the region, and their large influence inside the UN(important veto power in the security council). If this was a perfect world, where representatives wern't appointed only to look out for the interests of their home countries, the UN would work. Right now it does not.

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