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AREA QUESTION! help appreciated

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Joined: May 2007
AREA QUESTION! help appreciated

Hi, I'm doing an area problem right now and I was wondering if someone can verify if I was doing it correct?

Region R is bounded by the curve y=1/x between x=5 & x=1

Normally I'd just solve the integral x^-1 dx but the integral of 1/x is ln|x| ...
so would I just use that? I'm just not used to seeing it so I'm wondering if I'm doing it right?

So would it be ln|5|- ln|1| =1.609?

Thank you so much for your help!

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Joined: Feb 2007

If I'm remembering this correctly, yes, that is how you do it. There is also a way of doing it on graphing calculators if you are unsure.


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Joined: Aug 2007

Yeah, I think that's how it's done.

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Joined: Mar 2008

It's correct.

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