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i need help!

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i need help!

i need someone to explain viscosity, intermolecular forces, cohesive and adhesive forces, the difference between a dipole-dipole force and a London force and what polarity has to do with it all. any help will be appreciated. thank you :)

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i need help with this as well :(

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well viscosity is basically how thick the liquid is, this would affect how fast it flows (i.e. water has a low viscosity thus it flows fast and molasses has a high viscosity so it flows slow), intermolecular force is the unstable attraction of stable molecules due to the positioning of the electrons (they arent evenly distributed so neither is the field) and they're caused by polorization of the molecule (not permenant), cohesive force strongly depends on the molecular structure (water for instance is intermolecularly bonded causing them to bond together temporarily) its where a certain part of a molecular structure bonds to another part of another molecular structure of the same substance (sorry if i word this one confusing), adhesion is basically the same as cohisive but with non-like molecules. If any of this is incorrect then please correct me but Im pretty sure its correct... anyways I cant remember the london or the dipoles... I just remember that the london force has to do with dipoles and how at times the electrons arent evenly spaced and the force attracts another molecule that also has unevenly spaced molecules or something like that... anyways hope this helps :)

How could one such as myself answer such a question without so much as a second glance?

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