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Fundamental Theorem HEEELLLPPP!!

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Fundamental Theorem HEEELLLPPP!!

I need help quick on the fundamental theorem of calc. I don't get it. Can some one give me a quick simple explanation of it?

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I am NOT taking AP Calc, but I am taking it at my community college. My explanation may not be thourough enough for AP, but is intended to give you the gist of the concept.

The Fundamental theorem of Calculus is just the rules for finding the area under a curve (between the curve and the y-axis. To do so, you evaluate the definite intregal for the values of the closed interval.

If your problem was y=x^2, [0,2], you just find the indefinite integral (x^3/3), then evaluate it. Plug in the upper bound, then plug in the lower bound, then subtract the value of the lower bound from the value of the upper bound.

I hope this helps.

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plug in the upper bound every time you see "x", then times it by the derivative of the upper bound. usually the lower bound is a constant, so the derivative of that would be zero and you don't have to worry about it. :D

and if you need an ap calc study guide: www.marysbridge.com


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