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Self-study AP German

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Self-study AP German

I'm interested in self studying AP German. Does anyone know a possible way of doing this? Also, is it better to get an AP review book or the study set on collegeboard's website?

For those of you in AICE, how to AP foreign language tests compare to those to AS-level tests?


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Hey! I was in your position last year. I just got done taking the AP German Exam on Thus. I'd recommend taking the highest level of German offered at your school (for me, it was German IV) and telling your teacher that you are planning on taking it. My teacher made sure that we had several tests that were all oral and speaking, so we would have some experience with tests that were graded on our speaking. I personally did not have an AP review book, but that was because I couldn't find one. There seems to very little out there in the ways of materials to use. The stuff from the collegeboard's website is good. It's what my friend and I mainly used.

If you can, find some audio books in German, so you get used to hearing the language. It will help. Also, any music you can get a hold of that's in German will help you out. I also recommend talking out loud (or reading out loud) in German, just for the practice. Don't forget writing, too!

The exam wasn't that bad. It's very similar to the National German Exam that is offered. (If you can, I would take it.) If you want, feel free to IM or PM me if you have questions, or you want to practice German.


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