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Got any SAT tips?

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Got any SAT tips?

I recently took the SATs and got my scores. I got a 550 in reading, 670 in math and 640 in writing. I want to improve my scores next time so all 3 will be in the 600s and maybe in the 700s.

I think my weaknesses are in sentence completion, improving sentences, and finding sentence errors. Does anyone have any tips on how they remember certain grammar rules?

Also on reading passages, I find myself thinking too much into the question which causes me to misinterpret what question/choices and get the question wrong. I don't think there are any tips to fix that, but if there are I'd be glad to hear them.

Thank you for any help you can provide me.

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Sign up for SAT Question of the Day on Collegeboard. Reveiw books?

About the over analyzing question problem, I used to do that A LOT. Just keep telling yourself that you should not over think it, and then you will probably be fine. Keep it simple.

Good Luck!

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I wouldn't obsess too much. Just get a review book or something. Do your best.

Remember, lots of colleges are finally realizing that the SAT has a correlation coefficient much lower than high school GPA (see guys! I learned something in my college classes!! :D) and are paying them considerably less regard.

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Just go over a lot of problems. It helps to take a practice test once and then after several days to take it again. Go over the problems you got wrong in both tests and compare which problems you got wrong. Then concentrate going over the problems that you got wrong in the two times you take the same test. You can do this several times for the same test. The goal is to get less and less wrong without memorizing the answer. ^^ Good Luck!!! ^^

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Thank you for all the help. You guys gave some great tips and I will be sure to remember them all. ^^

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Well as far as over-analyzing goes, just remember that the SAT will want you to notice only what it mentions. So look for specific words mentioned in the passages, then analyze those answers. It's not much, but I hope this helps.

Luck, Greenlover17

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Yes, smartworm7 is right. Do a lot of them, you'll get the hang of it, especially the sentence completion and find the error. You definitely need to know your sat vocabs.

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practice makes perfect when it comes to the SAT
you already know majority of the skills required to do well so memorization is not a big part for preparation
but u will need to know how to apply those skills, which is where practice plays a key role

i also suggest getting the barron's sat book and looking through the word list they have...
and oh yeah


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There are a lot of apps on the android playstore that are used for sat vocab :)

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