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AP US Government Notes & Vocabulary

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AP US Government Notes & Vocabulary

Hey guys! This is absolutely random, but I understand that APs are tough and having outside notes and vocabulary can be very helpful in such stressful courses. Therefore, I have some notes and vocabulary for AP US Government & Politics. If anyone's interested, just message me and maybe I can e-mail them or something...Hopefully, this way others will be less stressed out and stuff. So just message me if you're interested!:)
P.S. I wanted to attach a sample but the files are long and detailed...so sorry...but just message me and we can work something out! :D

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Hi there! Can you send me the files? I'd love to take a look at them and put them up on the site if thats ok with you. My email is [email protected]" class="bb-email">[email protected]. Thanks!!

Course-Notes.Org Administrator If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, complaints, rants, raves, random thoughts, etc etc- feel free to direct them at me :)

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No problem! I sent them! ;)

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Thank you for being so thoughtful! I am considering independent-study AP US.Gov this year and the resources you've offered could really be of use. Please e-mail the notes/vocab to [email protected]" class="bb-email">[email protected] when you find the chance.

Much appreciated,
Janin <3

AP Bitter-Sweet Lovin':p

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I just started my AP Gov work and I saw your thread. It would be really helpful if you could share some of your outside notes and vocab with me. My email is [email protected]" class="bb-email">[email protected] Thanks a lot.

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Could you send me the notes?

email: [email protected]" class="bb-email">[email protected]

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Hi there,

Can you send me a copy of your notes too? That would be really helpful! :)
Thank you!


my email: [email protected]" class="bb-email">[email protected]

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It would be excellent if you could send your notes as well :D thank you very much

God Bless,

email: [email protected]" class="bb-email">[email protected]

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[email protected]" class="bb-email">[email protected] <3 you

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McGruder's Government, if that's the text your school uses, is a very good prep for AP US Government. While not specifically tailored for that test (it won't mention it in there even once), the test isn't bad at all and if you know the basic from McGruder's and have some common sense the multiple choice isn't bad at all. The essay portion requires you to know a little more than just "the basics" as you need to be able to give examples of everything, but it's not bad either. Nowhere near as bad as APUSH. The essays can be short answers, for crying out loud. No reason to not kick butt on this one, even if you're teaching yourself.

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Would you be so kind to sending me your notes :)
Thank you

email: [email protected]" class="bb-email">[email protected]


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