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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Quote

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Quote

"I'd have to keep on acting deaf if I wanted to hear it all." - Bromden.

In class, we've been talking about how the novel is an allegory to the 60's/hippies.

Can someone help me about what the quote means to the allegory?
I'm lost. Thank you.

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Well, hippies were focused on one particular topic- world love. So they tuned out everything else except this concept and how events could be perceived through it's lens. Therefore, they were deaf to everything going on around them. However, because they were so focused on this one concept they were able to understand the world and how it would be so much better filled with this love, and they worked out ways in which to enact it. Therefore, they heard it all. They had to specifically focus on one goal to understand everything else. Plus, because they were this way, other took up the exact opposite, and learned this way as well.

Basically, everyone has an extreme case of tunnel vision in order to put order into the world so that the world could be understood.

Or it's because they were so passive that they never actively participated in anything, and thus were able to understand everyone's point of view because they had no particular opinions themselves.

I'm honestly not sure which hippies are portrayed as more, active or passive, but the theory works both ways when explained this way, at least in my head. O.o

Sorry this post might be past your deadline, but I hope this helps!


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