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Questions about early American history?

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Questions about early American history?

1. Was the period 1780-1840 a period when the country became more unified or
was the country beginning to break further apart into different sections?

2. Was the country becoming more or less democratic from the period 1790-1836?

3. Did the federalist party help create a stable government from the period 1788-
1800? Explain.

4. What was the reason for the rise of political parties from 1790-1836? Explain.

5. What were the similarities and differences between Thomas Jefferson and
Andrew Jackson? Who would you regard as the best president? Explain.

6. What are three ways that the Constitution prevents our government from
becoming too powerful and corrupt? Explain.

7. What were three ways the Federalists prevented the country from becoming too
democratic? Explain.

8. What were three reasons why political parties started in the 1790s? Explain.

9. What was the overall significance of the election of 1800 when Thomas Jefferson
became president? Would you regard Jefferson as a great president? Why or
why not? Explain.

10. What was the overall significance of Andrew Jackson becoming president in
1828? Would you regard Jackson as a great president? Why or why not?

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