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Civil War~ Debate Topic...NEED HELP!

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Civil War~ Debate Topic...NEED HELP!

Alright, I have to do a Lincolm-Douglas style debate...tomarrow!! I have the Affirmative side ofthis comment...
"The Civil War was a rich man's battle and a porr man's fight"

I understand the question, but I don't know how to hammer the points I have down, and I have NEVER debated before. Please someone, help me if you can!

Thanks Bunchs,

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You could refer to a number of things in your debate:

-The fact that richer people could pay a fee in order to stay out of fighting in the war.
- The issue of slavery could be thought of as a rich man's issue, as it was the rich plantation owners who wanted to preserve it.

The debates of Lincoln and Douglas were the first type of real Presidential debates that took place in the United States. The modern Presidential debates that are seen on TV today are somewhat modeled after the L-D debates.

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Joined: Dec 2008

Very true.....

Haha. those were the very points that I was trying to get out of my head, and on to paper! Thanks!


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