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Was the American Revolution Justified?

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Was the American Revolution Justified?

Hello all, this is my first post on these forums and if you get mad at me for this post, I'm sorry.

But anyways I was assigned the prompt if the American Revolution was justified and I am going to say yes, it was. My teacher told me to focus on a couple aspects such as economics, politics, military/diplomatic. I need atleast 5 primary sources and 2 secondary.

For the economics part, I was going to say all the taxes and acts the British placed upon the colonists; however, I feel there is a gray area between that and politics, like what could I say for politics?

Thank you guys.

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Hmmm, well you could bring up the intolerable acts, the proclomation of 1763, which while a social issue was put into place by a political instrument, and of course you can always bring up limited representation - the colonies had virtually no power over any laws affecting them.

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I also believe it was justified. As for the politics part, I guess you could talk about the colonists were not represented in parliament and Britiain's whole "virtual representation" concept, which said that every member of parliament represented all British subjects, including the colonists. You could also talk about the declaratory act and how Britain could unfairly pass whatever laws they desired.

I hope this helped, even if it was only a little, and good luck!

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i pretty much have the same thing you do. except i have to write an essay & defend the argument on how the revolutionary war was NOT justified. idk what to write about because i think it is.

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i need help with this essay question: Americans didnt win so much as the british failed to win, confirm or deny with examples.. discuss maajor battles, generals involved and the treaty of paris

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