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Essay Corrections/Advice

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Essay Corrections/Advice

Hello there.

I have an English assignment due in a couple of days. Although my ideas are generally there, my grammar is rather flawed. If you'd consider being a tremendous help, I'd appreciate any advice/critiques/grammar corrections you have to offer. I realize I'm not allowed to ask for anyone to do my work, but considering I've done the writing portion I don't see this being a problem.


Additional Info.:
1) In [url=www.uniqd.com/School/TS.doc]The Storm I hated the story. So much so that I showed a blatent distaste for it throughout my answers. However, I'd appreciate if you'd stick to grammar corrections for this story, and ignore the critiquing part. I realize that it's not what the teacher is looking for, but I do want to make it a sturdy english essay; regardless of the prerequisites. I realize that's controversial..but just go with it. Your motive is love of the English language; action!

2) All of these stories are based off of short stories. Many of which you can view at [url=www.classicreader.com]Classic Reader.

3) The .doc files are meant to be opened with Word Pad, but I'd imagine they'd work with Microsoft Word as well (I haven't tested it though).

4) I realize this is on short notice. I may or may not get replies on this before it's turned in. At any rate, please don't waste your time on correcting this if it's already the 7th of September or later.

5) I didn't post this in the AP English section because this isn't AP English. This is for an English II Honors course technically. Yes, I'm the rationale for Brandon's suggestion. :cool:

6) I realize these aren't as much essays as they're detailed questions. There's a fine line when defining what they really are..the call is yours. Due to relevance, this fact is semi-worthless, but I'd rather say it outright versus someone pointing it out.

7) The comparative essay's details prerequisites are loosely pertain to "compare two stories, their dominant ideas/theme, symbols, imagery, etc."

My name isn't important. You can call me UniD. I attend Los Alamitos High School, in the 10th grade, and am fourteen years of age.

I don't believe in wasting bandwidth and server space..this mini-segment will suffice. Anyways, let me know if I've already broken some rules(I'm mostly referring to those unspoken rules that aren't in the "forum rules" thread).

EDIT: I request for this to be closed, as I've already finished setting everything up for tonight. thanks anyways!

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wow, im very impressed. You are an incredibly efficent poster. please, please, please. use our forums more often. I really like ur layout.

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