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Guitar Hero, anyone?

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Thread title pretty much says it all. I'm pretty much addicted to Guitar Hero and have been for about a year and half now. I play on Expert mode, PS2 only, and I own all three games (GH1, GH2, and Rock the 80's).

I do realize that this is probably the nerdiest first post from anyone ever, but I'm strangely okay with that.

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GH is awesome. im not so great at it. but when i first played it i fell in love with it. although i dont have any of the games and i have no skillz on it. LOL! can only do the beginers and barely medium. its sad.

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Well, if you're on this forum then you're probably attempting to tackle some seriously difficult courses, and Guitar Hero is known to completely drain you of your time (free or otherwise), so maybe next summer try getting into it.

I still spend an hour or so a day on it, minimum.

If you play this game at all, you should register on www.scorehero.com and upload scores to compare with other players. My scores are here: http://www.scorehero.com/scores.php?user=9268&game=2&diff=4

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ugh yeah. my AP courses are killing me. -_- and youre totally right. gh does take alot of time. ....just like ddr. UGH! that game....but yeah. i actually was thinking of telling one of my freinds to let me borrow it. but shes too attached to it. so i dont know if she will.:(

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i can own any of u in gh so bring it chumps.

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ohhh ye! Noobs!!!!

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LOL! youre funny. and you can take me on anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but ill lose anyways! :rolleyes:

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Aight and i choose love u not hate ya.

What's picture

2 words

Rock Band

Going to be awesome!

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word on the street is that the final song for Guitar Hero 3 is The Devil Went Down to Georgia. HOLY SHIT!

~ In the end my friends we will all be together again
~ Clutching on to my hand
~ In a valley we'll stand
~ Just living again

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what sucks is that the gh series doesnt have any led zep.

or so i heard. :confused:


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