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Finding limits w/o L'Hopital's Rule

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Finding limits w/o L'Hopital's Rule

Ok, I have two limit problems I can't show w/o L'Hopital's Rule:

Problem 1:
Lim as x-->1 of ln (x)/sqrt (1-x)

Problem 2:
Lim as x-->1 of sin(2x)

Much appreciated! :p

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Joined: Apr 2006

I think you just substitute the limit for x...So the first one would be ln 1 and the second one would be sin 2

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Joined: Oct 2005

Well, both will be indeterminate so L'Hopital would be ideal, however not being able to use it I would suggest going back and maybe trying older imit techniques. I was looking through my calc books trying to find something helpful but my skimming was not worth it. Maybe try making it an integral...then integrating and plugging in 1.

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