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Joined: Mar 2009

Who needs help in pre-calc? everyone. I know I do. This is especially for those who are in college and is horrible for math. If anyone can help post, outlines, and topics to help those in need of pre-calculus success!!!!

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Joined: Sep 2010

I am taking pre-calc as well. It is a tough class. I cannot use a graphing calculator until later in the year, but if you can use one, buy a Ti-89. It will cover all your pre-calc means, but it doesn't mean you don't have to study. Also, practice with it for about 2 weeks, use it on your hw, etc., but DON'T USE IT ON TESTS for at least two weeks. Unless you are using it for one task at the beginning stick with your regular calculator until you get the hand of the 89.

(Ti-84 is cheaper, but the 89 is worth the extra money.)

Another thing I do when I study is take all the example problems from class, and cover them up, and try to redo them. Often times the "examples" are very similar to test questions.

I have a B+ in precalc right now, and I want to get that higher too. Good luck to you.

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Joined: Sep 2011

I was also surprised when I took Pre-cal last year and I had a Ti-84. Entering Cal this year, my teacher required all students to get ahold of a Ti-89 somehow. The 89 has a memory function which is useful when doing limits and derivatives among other things.

*I just realized the date of this forum thread. I apologize for not being aware when I made the post.

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Joined: Dec 2012

I'm currently in AP Calculus and now I realize that I should have payed much more attention in Pre- Calculus! I'm having a lot of trouble with the Unit Circle and Trig in general. Studying those two things is a major priority for me during the Winter Break.

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I am in Pre-Calculus as well. The book I use, has a website though. The website is very helpful and works out the problems step by step if you do not understand them.

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