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Is AP Computer Science Hard?

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Is AP Computer Science Hard?

I'm planning on taking it next year, along with AP US History, AP English, and AP Chemistry. I'm wondering if it's hard. I emailed the teacher who teaches it and he said that most of the work is done in class (which is a relief to me considering all my other AP classes) but I'm curious about it.

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In my opinion it is an easy class. However, in my class 20% of the students dropped out. I do not know about other schools, but in mine they allow you to drop out of an AP up to 10 weeks after it starts.

In APCS you either understand it or you don't.

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I'm taking the online Florida Virtual Course for APCS, and I have to say it is probably the best AP class I have ever taken. I was worried about it at first, and by all means, it is challenging. In the end though, I have learned a lot and have some more developed skills in programming.

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AP Computer Science is now using Java (not C++) and it really does start from the beginning. The curriculum does, anyway, since many high schools don't offer intro CS classes and not a lot of tech-oriented students have room in their schedules for the extra elective even if they did.

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In my experience, Computer Science is a very easy class. The textbook that we are taught from (I believe it is called "Big Java") is absolutely massive, though luckily our teacher lectures from a powerpoint, though it hardly helps at all because her voice is monotone. Despite literally lacking anything to go off of, simply completing labs in place of the materials learned has been sufficient enough to earn me a 97 in that class. In my opinion, if you have the slightest interest in that class and can be motivated to work towards it, I would take it.

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