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Independent Study

I've been thinking of doing independent study for AP Statistics for my senior year. My school doesn't offer the subject, but since I really want to try it, I figured I'd give it a try on my own. I figure I shouldn't have too impossible a time with it, since in the month and a half since school ended, I've been able to teach myself AP Calculus AB and test out of it to take BC next year. So, what I'm asking is for anyone's opinion, advice, or words of warning on this. Thanks.

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patience man. it comes with any subject, but heavily in math. You may already know this, but the best way to solve a math problem you are stuck on is to wipe the boards clean and start the problem all over again. You should talk to Ferris, because he is supposed to be good at statistics. Always keep a helper just in case

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thanks biohazard. that is quite flattering.

stats is not what you would expect. it is nothing like calculus. there is not all that much in the way of math and most of it can be done on a TI-83 or 84. the most important parts are just remembering how to answer the questions. there is usually a spacific format.

at the same time, the material is fairly easy to learn (and you seem like a very compatent and motivated person given that you taught yourself calc.) i spent the majority of my class time doing homework for other classes.

if you ever run into problems i can help you out, so feel free to pm me or just post something (although i might miss it, so pm-ing is probably the better way to go).

all in all, it's just another brick in the wall...

I took: AP US Hist, AP Stats, AP Chem
I am taking: AP Calc, AP English, AP Phsics

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I'm talking AP Statistics right now.  The concepts are simple, but the grading (atleast with my teacher) is VERY hard.  It is a lot simpler than Calc, but those FRQs in stats are dangerous :P.  It is probably the easiest math course to self-study though.  It's pretty amazing that you self-studied calc though :).



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