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Am I crazy?

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Joined: May 2006
Am I crazy?

A girl I dated awhile back and fell like in love with. She broke it off after awhile and things where a bit bitter between us because of her best friend talking a lot of shit. After about two years of this we started talking again over yahoo messenger about four months ago. Then I started dating her other best friend and now we hang out a lot. It drives me crazy to because of how I feel about her and being around her so much. Then it also makes me feel like an asshole because I'm with her best friend. Now theres another complication, She supposedly is head over heals with this guy and hes the same way for her. Now I want her to be happy in all aspects. The thing is he is 6 or 7 years older and I have a bad feeling that he may just be using her for an easy lay. Not saying the girl is easy but he is too smooth for his own good and said girl is way into him. Also she is making a lot of comprimises in her life because of him. Staying up late, on the phone with him all the time, grades are slipping. Stuff like that. I just don't think its right her being 16 and him 22. Also I think I'm hallucinating or maybe fantasizing. Every now and then I think that I catch her looking at me and then looking away quickly. I am crazy aren't I?

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Joined: May 2006

no...you arent crazy...i'd be that way too if my ex (whom i broke up with) ever dated anyone that much older than him...the relationship might be completely innocent...but that is a bit of an age difference...its not like she's 16 and he graduated from high school last year so is maybe 18 or 19...which isnt very bad...

i think you need to check this guy out...if you say you still love her and care about her happiness then you should take it upon yourself to find the answers to satisfy your curiosity...and if it turns out that he is just using her as an easy lay because of the age difference...then she needs to be told...and if not...then try to forget it and just continue to be friends with her...that way you can still kinda 'look after' her...but it sounds like this older guy might be a bad influence...compromising grades and other stuff means that the relationship is in bad territory...

and the looks?? maybe she's rethinking her relationship with this guy because she's getting vibes from you that you still love her...i know it was that way a few weeks ago with me and my ex...or she might just be looking to guage your reaction...who knows??

girls are confusing as hell...and i'm allowed to say that because i am one...and even i dont understand them all the time...

but just check him out...that might help a little...it might even turn out that he's not using her for that...

amo te, cordelia

"I'm not confused, I'm just well mixed." - Robert Frost

"If you feel like you're under control...you're not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti

"Roam this world, for it is yours to go insane in." -

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Joined: Jul 2005

you're aren't going nuts. I have a friend who is 15 going with a 30. maybe its a girl thing, cuz she a girl and i am a guy. Yeah.....i think girls like guys who are more mature. Just be there for her when she is down.

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Joined: Nov 2006

no your not crazy continue talking to her

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Joined: Dec 2006

No, you're not crazy, it happened to me, love does stuff like that to a soul. is good that you care for her, that guy does sound like a bad influence, but ye, continue talking to her ;)

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Joined: Mar 2005

I dated my ex for over 2 and a half years when she broke up with me a week before move-in to college, and yes, we were going to the same college. She ended up going out with this guy who's only a year older but I had a very bad feeling about.

It turned, at least thus far, that it was just jealousy and me still loving her. The guy turned out to be an alright guy. In fact we are rooming together next year. The feelings I had for my ex have now passed and I have found an awesome girl that I care about very much. Me and my ex are, however, still friends.

The feelings you have for her will pass when you find somebody right for you. I know it's hard now, but trust me. However, this girl could end up being the one who's right for you. It is deffiently possible. In short, no, you aren't crazy. I would talk to the girl you are dating now though. It will be hard but she needs to know what is going on.

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Joined: Oct 2006

eh, you're probably not crazy..................

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Joined: Jan 2007

you are not crazy. she is the one who is with a 22 year old and she being 16!
That is crazy. you need to talk to her and tell her how you feel.
be there for her, and and just be a friend and maybe she will notice that she likes you better.

you can talk to me anytime. i hope this helps.

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Joined: Nov 2006

Honestly, yes you are crazy. But thats nothing that can't be fixed. You dated you ex-girlfriends friend. That is the part im a little confused about. Why? Was it maybe in part due to revenge? Have you told her how you feel about this guy? Go ahead and evaluate if you worries are even justified. If you're still friends with her, it may (depending on your current relationship with her) be your duty to do it. Finally, you mention your current girfriend once. Are you giving her enough attention? Since they are friends, they will talk and you may come of as an asshole.

Happy problem solving,

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Joined: Feb 2008

O.K.....your not crazy....but that chick dating the 30 yr old is either just an internet dater and faking her age or shes just looking for a **** buddie.......SHE is crazy....

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