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AP classes

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Joined: Mar 2008
AP classes

Just wondering what APs you guys took, or taking, in your high school years. I really need advices on what AP classes to take if I want to get into a medical school. Are there ant college books or just books that have good information about APs and SATs? ]

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Joined: Sep 2005

I took AP US History and AP American Government. At least APUSH will count as part of the core required classes at most universities. And AP American Government....well they gave us what, like 2 hours to do the test last year? I did it in about 30 minutes or something.

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Joined: Nov 2007

I would think AP classes geared towards science would be good for medical school. So maybe AP Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science.

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Joined: Feb 2007

Well so far I've taken APUSH, and this year I'm taking the exams for AP Calc AB, AP Chem, AP German, and AP English Lit. Really, taking any AP can't hurt you in the long run, no matter what your major is. I think Princeton Review has some stuff on AP and SAT's. Or you could try the college board website.


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