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boy problem

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boy problem

okay so i like this boy. and over the summer we got really close. he flirts with me and calls me and has nicknames for me. But..
he told me that he is bisexual. he says he hasnt told anyone else and now i am stuck. he flirts with me, but also with other guys. what should i do?

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It sounds to me as though you should ask him if he feels aything for you, as you seem to for him. It would seem that it's possible that he likes you, but he could also just have a flirtatious personality-- or a little of both. One thing you do have to remember is that no matter his preference (girls/ boys and girls) if he likes you, he likes you regardless.

Also, if you don't get the answer you want the first time, don't take it as total rejection, it sounds to me that if you honestly are the only person who knows about his sexual preferance, than 1) he holds your opinion of him highly, and completely trusts you and 2) he might not be comfortable with it himself, seeing as how he hasn't shared it with anyone else. If he's just getting used to it, he may not be ready for any kind of relationship, not just one involving you. So don't turn your mind off right away if his response is less than perfect.

Hope I helped,


p.s. Don't feel like you're in competition with these guys and other girls; while they may be threats, you can't let them intimidate you or cause you to become competitive. Too much competitive attitude is a total turn-off. It reads as bossy and territorial, which are two traits you really want to avoid in any form of relationship

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What Christi said :) That was some really good advice. Especially about how you should not be ultra-competitive!

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3-some would be fun. go for it!

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wow, id like to offer something to that, but Christi pretty much said it all. great advice!:cool:

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I've dealt with the same kind of thing for a while...but mine is a little different in that "Kole" has liked me for 3 years but I recently found out that one of my best friends (who BTW is completely against ALL physical contact---even hugs, hand holding, or a pat on the back) has liked him for 4 years! I pretty sure he likes her but he keeps flirting with me. Then she told me that Kole is bi. and that she is still crazy about him....don't turn away a great guy for a tiny flaw.
Trust me, I've had to grow up knowing from the age of 4 that my mother is a lesbian....it's tough but you learn to see people for who they REALLY are... :)

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