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boys can be mean!

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boys can be mean!

So i have this problem.
I was dating this guy for like 2 years and we grew apart so i ended it. But we basically just continued dating, but not labeled boyfriend girlfriend. It was not good, since we just fought still, but we did that for a long time. Then one night we had this talk and he asked me if we would ever date again, i answered honestly and said no. So about a week later he calls me and ends our friendship because he says "whats the point in being friends if we aren't going to date again?"
So we haven't talked at all since (about one month) and i am having trouble getting over him i guess. Any advice on how to deal?

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my advice is to just completely move on. if you already broke up with him once and you two grew apart in the past then it cant be meant to be right? i say move on, and just completely forget about him. you dont have to forget any experiences you guys shared, but just abandon the negative emotions.

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i think that its just kinda the security of having him there and now your realizing that you miss having someone. but seriously if it wasnt healthy and you fought a lot, i would just try to get over him. there are so many other guys out there and if hes gonna end it like that and not even want to be your friend then hes totally not worth it. maybe he doesnt know how to deal with not going out though so he doesnt want to just be your friend and hang out. but seriously you should be friends first in order to go out. this whole thing happened with me and my exboyfriend and i realized that he wasnt worth it. hope this helps!

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Joined: Nov 2007

thanks for the help guys :]

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Yeah, I got a bit for you: do not rush into the next relationship-that is completely unfair to both you and your new bou. Other than that, I can say nothing but live and let live. We wouldn't grow anywhere without hardship.


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