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Okay, so I am normally the one giving the advice to ALLL my friend, but now I'm stuck myself. Heres the deal:

Last summer my church went on a Mission trip to NYC. On that trip I met this guy who was new to the church and youth. We got to know each other over the week we were gone as well as during the rest of summer, and are still currently in touch. Actually we are best friends, literally like I'm better friends with him than some of my close girlfriends. I don't have feelings for any realtionship beyond what we have and he, as far as I know is the same way. Recently though I asked him if he would go to my prom with me (we attend different schools) and he said yes, all was fine and whatnot. However, over the past month of so he has gotten to know who i would consider to be my best girl friend, and he ask her to go with him to get his tux to match my dress (we aren't going to know what each looks like before that night--) still everything was fine until last week. for about two weeks previous to last Tuesday (10th) I had kept telling my friend "he likes you" - "just talk to him about it.. (her personality is very blunt and straightforward)" to make a long story short after swearing she didnt like him I found out Wednesday night they are now dating. However I felt that they way everything went about I was lied to.. and I mean i basically i was lied too and very hurt by the two people I care the most about. Now I talked to my guy friend and we're cool.. everythings fine but with my girl friend i don't think she realizes and/or cares she hurt me and like now she acts like she owns my guy friend and is always nosy about how our relationship is now just cuz she his "girlfriend"

Also another little note.. they have been dating less than a week and have already had two arguments and he already is telling me things that makes me think he is really annoyed at time. (i don't think it will last that much longer) but it really bothers me how she treats him. She is very controlling and at times is acting like his mother, telling him how to act or how to look.. almost like she has this ideal image in her mind and is trying to make sure he is a 100% match to it. And what I know is that if hadn't been him any other guy who would ahve asked her out she would ahve said yes to - she at that stage where she just wants to have a boyfriend. Idk what to do

I am hurt and stuck in the middle and its all a big mess.. I'm onpen to anything at this point



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WOW. What a story. From an outsider's point of view (me), I don't really think it's that big of a deal...blah blah.. But I know that I must put myself in your shoes in order to give you a good advice. So yea...I think that it would be best to talk about it with both of your friends. assuming if you guys are best friends, then your friend will understand you and no matter what you would tell him/her, she won't going be that mad. By talking about it over with one of your friends, the guy or his girlfriend(which is also your bestfriend), or both, you can better avoid futher "hurt" i guess. But if you talk about it and things doesn't turn out right, or worse, than you should give each of them, and maybe yourself too, as much time as possible so that both parties can think about the situation over again. This is your bestfriend, i'm pretty sure she doesn't want to lose the friendship, so she would reconsider what you would say to her and try to be better. But if she doesn't understand, then I guess it's not a great friendship thereafter, because friends don't hide things from each other or hurt one another....>_<**

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Maybe things won't turn out as bad as you may think***

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I know theres a saying for guys, "bros before hos," and thats something I firmly believe in. I can't remember what the one for girls is but I think it might have been "chicks before dicks" or something like that.

Either way, if this girl is truly your friend, then she will at the very least take the time to hear you out and try to understand your side of things. If she just blows you off, then like Courtesey said, you have to wonder if its as great of a friendship as you think it is.

My 2 cents

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you should just get on that guy, it'll mix things up a lil bit...haha jk, but not really

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