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Guy trouble

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Guy trouble

Hey i think that i am starting to like a guy that i go to school with (by the way i have never had a boyfriend before) but the thing is that he is younger than me and i dont know if he likes me the same way. My best friends know this guy better than i do and i dont know how to tell them. Can anybody give me any ideas of what to do?:confused:

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Well, opening your mouth is a good place to start...but from there, just relax...

Maybe the point of life is just to live......
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If you think you like him, but know next to nothing about him, be friends first. Talk to him. First hand knowledge is always better than second hand opinions. If you are brave, however, ask him out. Whatever you decide be yourself, no one appreciates being tricked or lied to. And yeah, relax- no person is worth driving yourself to distraction. May your love life be much easier than mine; power to you.

You're not alone, Greenlover17

Just Breathe...

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you should teach him tricks

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